The Song Mexico and the confrontation with the Federales 

The Song Mexico and the confrontation with the Federales The song Mexico may still be around but the real story is the drunken confrontation between me and my friend Jim O’Connor and the Federales outside of Monterey Mexico. They wouldn’t let us pass and I was waving my American passport around yelling obscenities and Jim was trying to calm things down. Things were getting dicey. These Federales were a couple of rough looking hombres. I remember the uniforms were frayed. I think we were lucky to get out…

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TVZ & FB The Guitar Trade 

Townes Van Zandt & Frenchy Burrito - The Guitar Trade. While Frenchy was visiting Townes Van Zandt at his cabin in Franklin TN outside of Nashville Townes liked FB’s guitar so much he wanted to do a trade – So, Frenchy swapped his Gibson B-25 for Townes’ Martin D-45 (The Martin had a warped neck) That didn’t seem like such a fair trade so they swapped guitars back before Frenchy headed back to Pittsburgh… You know what they say: “The dust that Pancho bit down south ended up in Lefty’s mouth”

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Remembering Dennis 

I recently learned that my old friend Dennis Harris had passed away. I first met Dennis way back in the early 70’s in Evanston, IL. He was hanging out on a park bench every day reading books, like it was his living room. It wasn’t long after we met that he was sharing my apartment on Dempster Ave with me and my brother Joe. At the time, I was bouncing back and forth between Chicago and Pittsburgh to visit my girlfriend, and finally I just moved to Pittsburgh. Dennis soon followed. He was staying with me at…

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Father Time 

Father Time The old man sits on the corner Trying to figure it out Father time and too much wine Robbed him of his youth Hobos don’ have homes And always wear old shoes Stand in soup kitchens lines With the solitary blues And it’s candy for the children Wine for the bums School bells ring in the afternoon Remind him of his chums Mabel, Mabel, Mabel How could it com to this I still remember you And long for your loving kiss Memories find lined paper Leaking from my pen Coffee from a paper cup Alone in…

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WHAT AM I DOING HERE Man rides on a streetcar In the early evening sun Staring through the window He’s a lookin for no one Cause the streets are made of stone And they offer him no home So he steps inside a bar And he orders up a beer What am I doing here? Standing at the edge of town Staring at the highway there If only he could leave Then he’d lose all his cares Cause his days have taken a turn And the woman in his life Has become another’s wife What am I doing here? Huddled in a doorway Covered…

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Frenchy Burrito & Timothy Leary 

Frenchy Burrito & Timothy Leary I met Timothy Leary on the campus of the University of Chicago in the late 60’s. He was giving a lecture on LSD and the benefits of psychedelic drugs and I attended it with my friend Pete Moss afterwards we talked with Dr. Leary and I asked him to sign my draft card and he did. He signed it, “You Are A Free Man”. I wish I still had that card but back in those days...Well you know we burned our draft cards. Mosquitoes File Tim Leary

Campfire Band 

Frenchy Burrito Campfire Band: Musicians Frenchy Burrito guitar vocal, John Hicks Harmonica, Diane Kresovich harmony vocal.

Homeless Hearts 

"In the haunting, self-penned Homeless Hearts Frenchy Burrito turns in what may be his most beautifully recorded performance yet" -Tony Norman, Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Frenchy Burrito & The Dolphins 

Frenchy Burrito & The Dolphins In my life I’ve spent time on some Islands - first in Bermuda then Freeport Grand Bahama and then Key West Florida. I Lived on all three. From a very early age my father taught me and told me stories about the dolphins (He spent time in the water with these wonderful creatures and loved them) So Fred Neil’s gorgeous song was a natural for me and I’ve been singing it for 40 year now… -FB (Mosquito Files)

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FRENCHY BURRITO AND CHESS RECORDS 2120 South Michigan Ave (By: Franky Lamp) Folksinger Frenchy Burrito went delving into his past looking for one of his old schoolmates from his Central YMCA High School days in Chicago. He was trying to solve a mystery about a recording session he was at. This would be going way back to the mid 60's.The person Frenchy was looking for was a fella by the name of Rick Mann onetime guitar player for the Chicago band THE FLOCK. They became fast friends at school. As the story…

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