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Remembering Dennis

Posted on December 26, 2015 with 0 comments
I recently learned that my old friend Dennis Harris had passed away. I first met Dennis way back in the early 70’s in Evanston, IL. He was hanging out on a park bench every day reading books, like it was his living room. It wasn’t long after we met that he was sharing my apartment on Dempster Ave with me and my brother Joe. At the time, I was bouncing back and forth between Chicago and Pittsburgh to visit my girlfriend, and finally I just moved to Pittsburgh. Dennis soon followed. He was staying with me at my house on LeClair Street, sharing space with another singer/songwriter friend of mine Rodd Willings who was living in my basement at the time. Fast forward some more and we were all working at Heads Together, which was a vinyl album superstore, head shop & waterbed store (hey, it was the 70’s!) It was from there that Dennis made the connection to Handleman. In between all this, Townes Van Zandt, who had been gigging at my friend Richard Harding’s Quiet Night Club in Chicago, found his way to Pittsburgh. Townes was partying at my house and he talked me into taking him in my VW camper van to Philadelphia’s Main Point, with a stop in New Hope PA for a gig with George Thorogood. Dennis (and Twilight & Roundman - Mike Flemming) went along with us on that epic road trip … which turned into “The Townes Van Zandt Camper Van Blues”, a song that I wrote to commemorate the trip. I have lots of memories of Dennis from back in those days. We were fast friends, chasing our dreams. We mostly lost contact after those times, but we reconnected through Facebook in the last few years. He was a good man, gone too soon…Frenchy Burrito 12/26/15